Courses offered under GIAN @ CSE, IIT Indore

1. Course Title: Probabilistic models and Belief Propagation |  Course Webpage
Offered By: Prof. Gaurav Sharma, University of Rochester, USA
Co-ordinator: Dr. Surya Prakash
Course Schedule: August 01-10, 2016
Regitration Dates:
-Early Registration: on or before  June 10, 2016 June 25, 2016
-Late Registration : on or before  July 25, 2016
-Onsite registration will be available on higher rates.
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Course Title: Linear and Non-linear Systems with Applications in Medical Imaging, Optimal Design, and Graphics
Offered By: Prof. Eric de Sturler, Virginia Tech, USA
Coordinator: Dr. Kapil Ahuja
Course Schedule: July 25 - August 05, 2016
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Course Title: Neural Network Learning Theory-Advanced Topics
Offered By: Dr. Suresh Sundaram, Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Co-ordinator: Dr. Aruna Tiwari
Course Schedule: July 06 - 15, 2016
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Course Title: Basic Concepts and Issues in Big Data Management
Offered By: Prof. Dr. Spyratos Nicholas, University of Paris-South, France
Coordinator: Dr. Gourinath Banda
Course Schedule:December 05 - 17, 2016
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