Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Internship @ CSE- IITI

The department of CSE hosts a good number of interns during the summer and winter every year. It also offers semester long internships to under-graduate and graduate students. During their stay at IIT Indore, interns get an excellent opportunity to work in the cutting edge research problems. The work done by most of the interns get published in the form of a high quality journal or conference publication.

Application Procedure

The interns are independently chosen by the individual faculty members. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit profile of the faculty members of the department and contact them directly to get details of the openings in their research groups.

Profiles of the faculty members are available here Click


Hostel accomodation to interns is made available in the campus (subjected to the availability) on payment basis and can be availaed on the recommendation of the faculty member with whom intern is going to join.