Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty Recruitment @ CSE- IITI

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Indore solicits applications from highly motivated and competent candidates for faculty positions at various levels. The department adopts a modern approach to teaching wherein students are rendered in adequate academic freedom to innovate and learn in the process. State of the art facilities including the latest software and advanced hardware are available in various laboratories for the use in both teaching and research. This facilitates adequate implementation of major B.Tech projects and for verification and validation of research results. The faculty members of the discipline are from diverse streams and specializations. Being a part of an emerging and relatively new institute, together with extremely competent research environment, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of IIT Indore offers a unique platform for the faculty members and students to explore the arena of fundamental and applied research.


  • Computer Science and Engineering attracts some of the most highly ranked JEE candidates to its undergraduate programme
  • The department has a strong thrust towards the involvement of undergraduate students in its research programmes
  • Faculty members have complete freedom to tailor courses as and how they deem appropriate
  • The department embraces the Open Sources movement and its laboratories conform to the use of Open Source Technologies for most applications
  • The department houses some of the most advanced computing facilities including the best
  • Faculty members in the discipline come with research experience behind them from the best institutions in India and abroad
  • The department is proud of a very strong programming culture amongst its students that is in ample display in various hackathons, and prestigious programming contests like the ACM-ICPC
  • The camaraderie between faculty members in the discipline is very positive and informal and makes for a great experience
  • Benifits

  • Attractive start-up grants with no upper limit restrictions.
  • Seperate budget for procuring high end research.
  • Faculty excellence award for exceptional teaching, research, institute service and outreach.
  • Research funded post doctoral fellow for research production.
  • Application Procedure and additional information

    For any other queries or to apply, please send your mail/updated CV to: hodcse [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in.